New Initiatives

Phase II now starting

Funding Status

CIHR Grant

Successful CIHR application to complete a cognitive function case control recontact.

Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Sonia Anand, Dr. Matthias Friedrich, Dr. Doug Lee

Successful CIHR application to examine dietary carbohydrate quality and brain health.

Principal Investigator: Andrew Mente PhD

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Creyos Cognitive Function

Consenting participants will be contacted to complete a 20-minute online neuropsychological test of episodic memory, working memory, visuospatial function, and executive function (Creyos, Toronto, Canada). Cognitive assessment in CAHHM is financially supported by the Katthy Taylor Chair in Vascular Dementia, University of Calgary.


PHRI support received for PHRI expenses and recontact of local participants.

CAHHM Participant Advisory Board

The CAHHM Participant Advisory Group is being initiated in 2022 and will be made up of CAHHM participants who will aid the investigators in interpreting study results, and aid in knowledge translation by providing their opinions regarding “sound bytes” and guide investigators and staff regarding  aspects of the research that may be of most interest to participants. In the future we will call upon this group of volunteers to aid in co-design of questionnaires and sub-studies.

Cohort & Sub-Studies