All sites have reached capacity and are not accepting new participants.

If you agree to participate, you will:

  • Be asked to answer a series of questionnaires about your health, diet, physical activity engagement, access to health services, your community environment, and in some cases, your cultural experience. Some of these questionnaires can be done online.
  • Have physical measurements taken such as weight, height and blood pressure
  • Undergo a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan to evaluate your abdominal fat, your liver and to assess the functioning of your heart, your brain and of the blood vessels in your neck.
  • Provide your health card number to allow us to link the information we collect from your questionnaires to information collected by national and provincial health databases.


Completing the RedCap online survey:
Some of the questionnaires participants will be asked to complete is available online. By completing these surveys online, you will help the Alliance reduce our impact on the environment! It’s also faster and easy to use!

We see all our participants as partners in research and are excited to work with you on this novel project. Your contribution will enable Canadian scientists to better understand the early causes and risk factors of cardiovascular disease and cancer in order to guide future research, to evaluate new therapies and inform public policy.

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