The Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds has 3 principal research objectives.

  • To understand the role of socio-environmental contextual factors on individual risk factors, subclinical disease, and events.
  • To identify unique patterns of contextual factors, risk, health service utilization and clinical outcomes in high-risk groups including Aboriginal people, Asian, Afro- Canadians.
  • To identify markers of early subclinical dysfunction of the brain and the heart and describe their relationship to individual/contextual risk, and outcome.

For example, some of the questions that the Alliance wants to address with the information collected are:

  • What explains the differences in prevalence of cardiovascular disease from different regions in Canada (example: East to West Gradient)?
  • What is the influence of a person’s community environment on their individual risk for developing some chronic diseases?
  • What is the prevalence of diseases of the brain, heart and fatty liver that is not yet detectable by clinical tests in the general Canadian population and among high risk groups?
  • How does access and availability of Health services vary between communities (incl. Aboriginal)?

In addition to these principal research objectives, it is intended that the information collected by the Alliance project will be added to the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project and together, will be a major tool for Canadian health research – to be used by National and International scientists for future investigations.

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